Quickly Add Symbols in MS Word!

In this post,

I will give you a short tutorial to Quickly and easily add symbols in MS Word 2010.

The conventional way:

1. In case of MS Word 2010/2007: By Going to the insert tab. In the symbols category. Searching for the symbol you need.

2. In case of Previous versions of MS Word: Going to Insert menu. Choose symbols menu item.

The Quick and easy way in MS Word 2007 and 2010:

I have used MS Word 2010 for this case.

1. First open MS Word 2010 from Start->All Programs->Microsoft Office->Microsoft Word 2010.

The interface is like this.

2. Initially we need to do a little tweak.

3. In the MS Word 2010 Ribbon.

(i) Click File. Once you click file, you enter into what is called the Backstage View (as called by Microsoft)

(ii) Select Options from the left pane.

MS Word 2010 Options Dialog Box opens up.

(iii) In the left Pane Select “Proofing” Category.

(iv) In the right pane in the  “Auto Correct options” category. Click “Auto Correct Options.” Now a dialog box appears.

(v) Go to “Math Auto Correct” Tab.

(vi) Check the following two check boxes:

(a)”Use Math Auto Correct rules outside Math Regions” and

(b)”Replace Text as you type.

Below these 2 check boxes you have a list of codes and the symbols it will return. You can use this for reference

Click OK twice.

So Done Now all we have to do is insert the symbol we want.

4. I hope all of you know the basic names of the greek symbols(eg: alpha, beta, gamma, lambda . . . . . etc.)

So all you need to know to insert a symbol is the name of the symbol.

Eg: Say, you need to insert the greek letter(symbol)  ‘alpha’.

All you need to do is type the following:

“\alpha” [Enter]

(Without Quotes)

Voila!!! You wil get the greek letter(symbol).

So play around with these codes and get different symbols.

Never again search around for symbols. Type it to get it.

Please note: “\delta” is different from “\Delta”. You get two different “delta” (Greek Letter)symbols.

That’s it how you insert the symbols the different way(the easy way).

Any doubts, leave your comments.

~Think Different.~

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